You Can Make Money As Well

I never knew that it would be possible to be one of those people who had people paying them for their idea. I heard someone tell me that they made an app for people to be able to control their dog and eating times and I thought that was silly but then they told me how much money they made. I could not believe that they could actually quit their full time job so that they could go and passively make money. I had to find a company that did mobile application development in Singapore since that is the place where I live. My husband and I were both born in America but he had a chance to take a job transfer to this country for five years so we sold our house and said let’s take the chance since our daughter is in college and we don’t always get to see her. It was a big jump but we decided to take a chance since we are both still in our early 40s.

It’s scary moving to a country where you only know a little bit of the language from reading out of a book and listening to apps that help you learn a new language. A lot of people in the country speak English but it is really interesting to listen to people speak with their amazing accent. Sometimes I end up meeting new friends on the street because I speak English and people want to practice what they learned in school or what they learn by watching the movies and TV from America. It is really a lot of fun to meet different people in this new place where I am so lucky to call home for the next few years and I am having the time of my life.