Where the Girls Go to Gossip

My friends and I are usually too busy during the week to talk and hang out with each other. Between having to work and spend time with our kids, life just doesn’t leave a lot of time for friends. It’s a good thing that we can get together on the weekends and talk. We like to get a manicure and pedicure from a local spa. It’s the perfect place for us to relax and gossip about the things that have happened during the week. While this is happening, our husbands are watching the kids.

Last weekend, one member of our group was telling a really good story about this man that she met when she went to pick her son up from school. She’s a single parent because she divorced her husband years ago. This man had a deep voice and was quite tall. She literally bumped into the man by accident, and he apologized for it. At that point, our friend as enthralled with the man and started up a conversation with him. He was a single parent just like her and had a son at the school. They didn’t get a chance to exchange contact information, but our friend said she would be on the look out for the guy.

This weekend, I expect to hear a really good story from our friend about how she met the guy again and agreed to go on a date with him. We all have our stories to tell when we go to the spa, but our friend has the most interesting one because she’s trying to court a man. Since the rest of us are still married, our only men stories are ones where we talk about the things our husband are doing wrong, or what our kids have been doing.