We Got the Kids a Limo for Prom

When my daughter told me that her boyfriend was borrowing his father’s sports car to drive themselves and another couple to the prom, I knew that I had to step in quickly. I do believe he is a good driver, but I also know that kids are distracted on big nights like a prom, and I wanted his focus to be on the road only, and I knew that was just wishful thinking. I looked online at limo companies, and I found one that stated click here for good rates. I did just that, and that is when I was able to breathe a little easier.

I was not sure how much limos cost, but I had a feeling it was pretty expensive. That is why I was so surprised to see that I could get them a nice sized limo for less than I had expected. When I told my daughter this, she was so excited. She thought it was pretty neat to drive to the prom in a fancy sports car, but a limo was so much better for such an elegant night. I had already talked with the other parents at this point, and they were all much happier with this arrangement as well.

The kids asked if they could have a few other couples join them in the limo since there was so much space, and none of us had a problem with that. The limo picked 12 of them up after their Grand March at the school, and it drove them to where they would have a nice dinner and hours of dancing. It then brought them back to the school, where all of the kids stayed for the remainder of the night. Though there were all sorts of great activities for them afterwards, my daughter told me the limo was definitely the highlight of the evening, because it meant her boyfriend could focus on her rather than the roads!