The Fire Turned into a Blessing

If anyone had told me I would be moving even a few months ago, I would have told them absolutely not. I was not considering that something could happen to the house I was living in though, forcing me into moving even when I did not want to. I was renting a house for nearly a dozen years, and it was home to me. However, a fire changed all that. Thankfully, everyone was away, and we had no pets, so there was no loss of life. That is how I found out about the Park at Boulder Creek apartments, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise to me.

I was really anxious about finding a new place, especially a house since rentals are usually a lot more than I can afford in this area. That is one of the reasons why I started looking at apartments. I had never lived in one before, but there was a certain appeal about it after I learned all of the perks of living in one. The house I had lived in was an old farmhouse, which is why it was so cheap. It was also very old, very isolated, and very drafty too.

When I started looking at the apartments online, I was amazed at just how low the price was. I thought for sure I would end up paying more than what I was for the house that I had lived in, but it was actually a bit lower. Seeing all the perks that come with it made me realize that I had been shortchanging myself all those years. I now live in a really nice apartment, and I have a swimming pool and clubhouse I can use, plus clean and modern living all on one floor. It just doesn’t get any better than this!