Taking Your Business to the UK Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

I had a successful business in the US. I had multiple stores and was selling amazingly well both in store and online. I had noticed that a lot of my online sells were from customers in the UK. For about a year, I looked into ways of getting a physical store to them. I talked with many people and most of them said the best way was to look into the sole representative visa business plan.

A sole representative visa business plan is a plan that helps businesses and people overseas have a business in the UK. It is the most used visa due to the flexible perks that it has and due to the permissions that it includes. When I Iooked into it, I was initially not sure that this was the right route to go in. It honestly seemed too good to be true.

I spent a little while more looking into other visa business plans or just other ways people started their businesses in the UK. I quickly discovered that for me and my business, the sole representative was the best option for me. It gave me the power to be able to have my business like I did in the US and it be in the UK. I filled out the form and eventually had interviews. The interviews were for asking about how I planned to start the business and how my other businesses are going in the US. They wanted to make sure that I was a right fit and was going to be a good candidate. A few months later, I heard back and I got approved.

After that point, I spent a lot of time traveling from the US to the UK and back. In the UK, there was rumors and rumblings about how I was bringing my stores there. The outpouring of support for this was amazing! Within the year, I was able to open a store and I got so many emails about how happy people were. I was so thrilled! It was all worth it!