Storage Units for Keswick Make Life Easier for Us

Holiday decorations, extra clothes, furniture you don’t want to get rid of and those little odds and ends that have sentimental value that never get thrown out are great items to put in a storage unit. You know you can’t part with the stuff, so why let it clutter up the house? I’m the same way. I have stuff I have not used for years, but I have zero intention of getting rid of it. We got one of the storage units for Keswick for our stuff. Some of the stuff is actually collectibles that may, or may not, increase in value as time goes by. I still have sports stuff from my university days, and I just can’t get rid of it. My wife has her wedding gown in storage along with some old books her grandmother gave her. Things we don’t want taking up space in our house, but things we will never throw out.

Our first child’s baby shoes are there, and our second child is still in baby shoes. We will put hers in storage too. One thing that increases the value of our storage unit is how we swap out seasonal clothes so our closets are not jam packed full of stuff. It cuts down on wrinkles and extra dry cleaning charges just to get wrinkles out of suits and dresses. I store seasonal sports equipment there too along with extra scuba gear. All the stuff we want or eventually need, but stuff that would have our home bursting at the seams if we tried to find places for everything.

Every family I know has needs for extra storage. We have a garden shed, but it is packed with tools and lawn care equipment. Our garage barely has space for the cars, and we have a finished basement area. The storage units for Keswick make life easier for us.