No Nonsense Cleaning Service for Busy People

Finding online when I looked for an effective cleaning service sure ended up working out well for my family. I’m an extremely busy person and usually didn’t have the time to spend hours picking up around our home. When my husband recently underwent emergency surgery on his heart, it meant I would have even less time to make sure things looked tidy. His surgery meant someone had to take care of him around the clock and I wasn’t going to have the time for mundane cleaning chores what with my online business and taking care of him. I needed a cleaning service.

I went online and chose Kleepers because they looked like a serious business. They had descriptions of what they do exactly and even broke down the job for each room in the home. I really appreciated that because it allowed me to figure out exactly what I wanted done and how long I could expect the job to take. I was able to book an appointment online and provide all the information they would need to get the job done. They showed up right on time and got straight to work. My husband and I watched them work.

We both marveled at how quickly they got everything done. My husband said it was like watching a cleaning tornado move through our home and I had to agree! Very dedicated and serious about their jobs. They did everything exactly as I specified and by the time they left our home positively sparkled. My husband and I both decided we would have them return on a weekly basis to clean things up so we would no longer have to worry about picking up around the house. I couldn’t be happier with their service and I’ve already recommended them to a few friends.