My Rug is a Conversation Piece

I am not the type of person to just run down to the store and buy a rug off the shelf. I don’t care if they are cheaper than designer rugs because I would rather have quality over a great price. I knew that the rug that I got for my living room would be with me for years, so the decision on which one to get deserved some careful research. It was not until I went to my cousin’s new home and saw the rug in her dining room that I knew I wanted to get mine from the same company.

She told me that she had it custom made because she was not able to find one that fit in with the personality of her dining room. That got an eye roll from her daughter, but I understood completely where she was coming from. I was having much the same issue with my own rug search, but I knew that it was coming to an end after that visit. I went home and logged onto the website that she told me about. I wanted to look at it on my computer rather than my phone so I could browse the different rugs that this company has custom made for others.

I liked that I could look at their impressive collection and have my own rug designed from the styles that I liked. I did find quite a few that had a similar style to them, and they were able to take that and run with it. Well, they were able to design with it! They created me a gorgeous rug that has an abstract pattern to it that is more gentle than bold. It is definitely a conversation piece when people come over, and it is just absolutely perfect in every way.