I Am Working a Strange Job

I am not exactly a chauffeur, but I am driving this rich lady around. She is not my boss, but apparently she is somehow more important than him. I picked her up from the airport last week and I quickly realized that she was there to snoop around. She asked me a bunch of questions and when we went to see the boss he looked as though he were about to sweat bullets. When they got done he did not look any better, but she seemed really happy with herself. We went to a manicure service in Singapore after the meeting, I had spent the entire time trying to figure out how to make the best choice. It was not as though I had any clue which one is the best. So I ran down the stairs and asked random ladies where I should go, then I asked where I would go if I were really rich and ice cold. Luckily for me one of them had a great answer, or at least one which pleased her.

After that she told me to take her dancing, which really confused me since she seemed not even to regard me as a real person up to then. It seemed as though she had done whatever it was that she had come to do and now she became an entirely different person. She was not exactly the warmest person you would ever meet, but she was not the ice queen that she had been. For a little while I thought that it was going to be a great night for me, she started to drink and really loosened up. However at the end I took her back to her hotel and she gave me about two hundred dollars for a tip. The next morning I drove her back to the airport.