I Am Not a Fan of Insects Taking over My Yard

I have been so pleased with the wildlife that comes through my yard in my new house. Having lived in a city full of concrete sidewalks and many cars on the road, I was not used to seeing wonderful, living things walk and hop through my yard in the new home. My happiness was short lived when bees took over after awhile, though. However, a fast call to ask for help to get bee removal for Chandler homes done in my yard put everything back into balance again. There is no way that I could handle something like that on my own! My yard is relaxing and peaceful once again.

The first animals I saw in my yard were rabbits. I was standing with the real estate agent while she was giving me my first tour of the place, and she suddenly pointed across the yard. I looked to see where she was pointing to and I saw a mother rabbit and 4 babies hopping along with her. I squealed with delight. The agent said that there are many animals that stop by often, and she named off a few different types. I really loved the house itself from the beginning, but the fact that there are creatures that show up every night also helped to nudge me into buying the home.

About two months after I moved in, I noticed that some bees had built themselves a hive in one of the old tree stumps in the yard. I had planned to use that stump to make a pretty little table, but I was too afraid to bother the bees. Weeks later, the small number of bees that started out in the stump had suddenly blossomed to about 800 bees. I was petrified of being stung each time I went outside. I called a bee removal company to come help. It was fascinating to watch them while they did the work.