Great Job Getting My New Home Ready

Moving practically around the world for a job can be very scary. Well at least it was for me. I love that my job allows me to travel, so I usually do short term rentals for my housing, but this time I was going to be moving and staying in the same location for five years. That is what my contract was for, so I decided on a house rental instead of a condo. I found a great rental but needed a cleaning service to get it ready. I did an internet search for pre moving in cleaning for Singapore.The house I found was a large two bedroom home close enough to the office that I would easily be able to spend long hours, if necessary, at the office. Also close enough to the office that if I need to go in on the weekends I don’t have to fight traffic. One of the worst things about some cities is the traffic and not having to deal with that was a blessing.

But I wanted to find a company to make sure my new home was clean and ready for all of my furniture that I was going to have shipped over. Living in the US you just think that property is going to be ready for you. I didn’t want to make a huge mistake.Thanks to your wonderful company I was able to have you clean the house perfectly. You even sent me pictures of the house, which I thought was so helpful. You pictures made excited to finish the move and get my personal belongings to the house.I have decided that once I get my things in my house I will contact you again to setup a weekly cleaning of the house, I feel I will be too busy to clean.