Getting a Better Seat Cushion for My Truck

I drive different trucks pretty much every day. The seats vary greatly in how comfortable they are. And when you are sitting for hours at a time, it can get really uncomfortable. Plus, I drive in an environment where it gets cold in the winter. The heaters in the trucks work good for the most part. However, I looked for the best truck seat cushions that had heat built in. Instead of just raising the air temperature in the cab to very warm, I like the feel of the heat soaking into my back. My oh my that feels good on my old back as I drive when it is cold outside.

In the summer I like air circulation. Instead of sweating against the vinyl seats of the trucks, I like the add-on seat cushion to make me feel cool and comfortable. It helps when you are driving in bumper to bumper traffic on a hot summer day in the city. Keeping cool or warm, depending on the season, helps me stay focused and even helps me to be a more friendly and patient driver. I’m telling you, if you drive a truck, you know how trying some people you share the road with can be.

I looked for the best truck seat cushions I could find for a long time until I settled on one that I could move from truck to truck. I wanted one that was sturdy and would last for along time. The one I got plugs into the 12-volt power outlet to give me heat in the winter. I like it a lot. In the summer it feels a whole lot better than having that vinyl up against me. The air circulates around it keeping me from sweating. I don’t know why they just don’t build this stuff right into the seats.