Started on the Bathroom Remodeling Plans

The first thing is to figure out what we are going to do and how much money we are going to be willing to put in to this. It is not like you can not plow tons of cash in to this sort of project. In theory we would like to do as much of it as we can by ourselves, but some of it might not be that practical. For instance we found this place that has a good deal on some really nice tempered glass shower doors in Essex county NJ, but we are looking at this thing and we were asking the guy in the store if he knew how to install it. He just smiled and said that you did it real carefully. Of course the reason is not that hard to figure out. I could not tell exactly what it weighed in the box and all, but you could pick it up and see that it would be hard for one person to manage it.

You can be sure that there is not any way I could do this by myself. In fact I am thinking that I need to find the opposite of someone to help me. By that I mean I probably need to hire some guy who can tell me what I am doing and do at least half the job and all of the thinking. It seems pretty obvious that this is something which you are going to want to have a good plan before you start and you are going to have to have a clear hierarchy. One guy has to figure out what everyone is doing and then make sure that everyone does exactly what they are supposed to do. You can not have two guys in charge of something like that.