Big Bets for Bitcoin Trades

My friends and I usually bet on sports games. We get together each Sunday to watch the football games, and normally we would bet with money, but we’ve switched to making bitcoin bets. We’ve all been trading on Bitcoin Trader and have done well. Whenever one of us wins a bet, we transfer bitcoin from the loser’s wallet to the winner’s wallet. Our local sports teams have been doing poorly for the last few years, and everyone always thinks that they’re going to lose. The last game the football team had, my friends and I all bet on it, except I bet that the team would win the game.

All of my friends thought I was crazy for betting that the team would win. I have to admit that the odds were not in my favor. There was no indication that the football team would start playing well enough to win at least one game, but I had a feeling in my gut that they would pull of a victory. As the game began, the opposing team scored a touchdown in the first 2 minutes, making me already regret my decision. Continue reading Big Bets for Bitcoin Trades