Where the Girls Go to Gossip

My friends and I are usually too busy during the week to talk and hang out with each other. Between having to work and spend time with our kids, life just doesn’t leave a lot of time for friends. It’s a good thing that we can get together on the weekends and talk. We like to get a manicure and pedicure from a local spa. It’s the perfect place for us to relax and gossip about the things that have happened during the week. While this is happening, our husbands are watching the kids.

Last weekend, one member of our group was telling a really good story about this man that she met when she went to pick her son up from school. She’s a single parent because she divorced her husband years ago. This man had a deep voice and was quite tall. She literally bumped into the man by accident, and he apologized for it. At that point, our friend as enthralled with the man and started up a conversation with him. Continue reading Where the Girls Go to Gossip

A Complete Office Refurb That Looks Great

I started off with just one employee when I began my business. That quickly grew into three, and now I have 13 people working for me. I recently realized that I am going to have to expand again. This time, I need more than just more employees though. I knew that I was going to need a bigger office, so I started looking rather quickly for that first. I wanted to have that in place before I hired more people. I found a great spot, and I knew that I could hire a company to do office refurb in Bath.

Just looking at the office on its own, it was rubbish. There were stains on the walls, the carpeting looked older than me, and it was so dark in there, even with the lights turned on. Continue reading A Complete Office Refurb That Looks Great

Great Job Getting My New Home Ready

Moving practically around the world for a job can be very scary. Well at least it was for me. I love that my job allows me to travel, so I usually do short term rentals for my housing, but this time I was going to be moving and staying in the same location for five years. That is what my contract was for, so I decided on a house rental instead of a condo. I found a great rental but needed a cleaning service to get it ready. I did an internet search for pre moving in cleaning for Singapore.The house I found was a large two bedroom home close enough to the office that I would easily be able to spend long hours, if necessary, at the office. Also close enough to the office that if I need to go in on the weekends I don’t have to fight traffic. One of the worst things about some cities is the traffic and not having to deal with that was a blessing.

But I wanted to find a company to make sure my new home was clean and ready for all of my furniture that I was going to have shipped over. Living in the US you just think that property is going to be ready for you. I didn’t want to make a huge mistake.Thanks to your wonderful company I was able to have you clean the house perfectly. You even sent me pictures of the house, which I thought was so helpful. You pictures made excited to finish the move and get my personal belongings to the house.I have decided that once I get my things in my house I will contact you again to setup a weekly cleaning of the house, I feel I will be too busy to clean.

I Am Working a Strange Job

I am not exactly a chauffeur, but I am driving this rich lady around. She is not my boss, but apparently she is somehow more important than him. I picked her up from the airport last week and I quickly realized that she was there to snoop around. She asked me a bunch of questions and when we went to see the boss he looked as though he were about to sweat bullets. When they got done he did not look any better, but she seemed really happy with herself. We went to a manicure service in Singapore after the meeting, I had spent the entire time trying to figure out how to make the best choice. Continue reading I Am Working a Strange Job