Best Fishing Jacket I’ve Ever Owned

I searched out a top water jacket because I needed a new jacket for when I go fishing in the fall. My old one, which I wore for many years and through many amazing catches including one record breaking one, was really starting to show some wear and tear and it wasn’t keeping me as warm as it used to do. Also, I noticed I’d come in from a catch and I’d be wet. That never happened before, but since it has worn so badly it is now letting in water. So obviously it was time to get a new one.

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I Am Not a Fan of Insects Taking over My Yard

I have been so pleased with the wildlife that comes through my yard in my new house. Having lived in a city full of concrete sidewalks and many cars on the road, I was not used to seeing wonderful, living things walk and hop through my yard in the new home. My happiness was short lived when bees took over after awhile, though. However, a fast call to ask for help to get bee removal for Chandler homes done in my yard put everything back into balance again. There is no way that I could handle something like that on my own! My yard is relaxing and peaceful once again.

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