Best Prices for Used Cars

I want to sell my old car in the near future, because it is not even running anymore and it is really just taking up space. Not to mention, if I keep it for much longer, then I am going to have to pay property tax on it again. Does not seem like something worthwhile to pay property tax on when I am not even using it. I want to find a place to sell my car in San Diego and I really want to get a reasonable amount of money for it.

I know that I said that it does not run anymore. That is true, but I don’t think that there is much wrong with it. With a little bit of work, I think it could be a pretty good vehicle and last another one hundred thousand miles or so. As long as you kept good care of it anyway. I have a new car, as I already mentioned, and so I do not have any reason to get it fixed up, because even if I did, I would not be using it anymore.

I guess it might be nice to have a second car for some reasons. But I think that if I were to have a second vehicle that I actually used, then it would have to be a truck. A truck would be pretty useful as it would allow me to haul stuff and buy different supplies in bulk quantities. For example, I want to get a whole lot of pine bark so that I can redo some of the natural areas that are in my yard. I would have to make a whole lot of trips back and forth to fit all of the pine bark I need in my car and so I am getting a friend to pick some up for me.