Best Fishing Jacket I’ve Ever Owned

I searched out a top water jacket because I needed a new jacket for when I go fishing in the fall. My old one, which I wore for many years and through many amazing catches including one record breaking one, was really starting to show some wear and tear and it wasn’t keeping me as warm as it used to do. Also, I noticed I’d come in from a catch and I’d be wet. That never happened before, but since it has worn so badly it is now letting in water. So obviously it was time to get a new one.

I spent an enormous amount of time searching out my options. I’m not a spur of the moment type buyer, especially when it comes to buying anything associated with fishing, so I had a huge list of possible replacements made up before finally going with the top water jacket I found at an online outdoors store. I liked the look of it, and I also like that it didn’t seem to be some huge thing that would prevent me from doing some fly fishing. I once had a heavy jacket and tried to fly fish and it was a disaster.

Every fisherman knows you need to full arm extension to bring in the really big fish. If you’re wearing some ponderous coat and you have to struggle with a big catch for ten or more minutes, you’ll likely lose them. There’s nothing worse than pouring sweat in a heavy coat while reeling one in. This jacket is light yet perfect for keeping you warm and dry. The materials look top notch and it’s got a great liner that keeps the cold win out. I’m pretty pleased with my purchase and can’t wait to take the jacket out for a spin on the lake.