A Tree Almost Smashed Our House

The rains kept coming before spring even arrived. It was a really weird winter with too many freeze and thaw cycles. The heavy rains made the ground outside a mud pit anywhere you stepped. Our yard was like soup. The conditions caused a situation where we had to call a Nassau County tree service. I was outside going to my car in the driveway to go on my daily commute to work. I heard a noise and turned around. I watched as a huge oak tree in our yard slowly started to lean to the left toward our house. I ran into the house to get everyone away from the side the tree was on. We all ran outside in a panic away from the direction the tree was falling.

We watched the tree slowly keep leaning toward the house. The massive trunk started to touch the rain gutter at the end of the gabled roof. It was pressing in and bending the gutter. Then the tree stopped. If it would give way it would flatten the roof. Oak is an extremely dense and heavy wood. That tree weighed many tons. Oak logs feel like you are lifting lead. Our house was no match if that tree would fall. It made for an interesting removal for the professionals at the Nassau County tree service. I was so very happy that the house did not get damaged. Even the gutter did not have to be replaced. I popped back into place after the weight of the tree pressing on it was taken away.

I am so glad that the root system on the far side of the tree held in place. I do not even want to begin to think what would have happened if the tree had fallen quickly and hit the house. It would have crushed the roof and wall and ended up in the kitchen where everyone was at when I was leaving for work. Trees can be very beautiful, but they can be very dangerous too. We had them take down the other two large oaks as well. Now we have small Japanese maples and some fruit trees instead of those massive oaks close to our house.