A Lawyer Helped Us Find the Truth About What Happened to My Father

When I drove my father to a doctor’s appointment, I had no idea that would be the day that would turn out terribly. I have no doubt that my father did not realize something horrible was going to happen either. A Sacramento personal injury lawyer had to help us go after a doctor who lied about what happened that day. My father was only to receive a simple procedure that only took 30 minutes to do at the doctor’s office that day. A few minutes after the procedure started the doctor came out and told me that there had been an issue during the procedure and he accidentally punctured one of my father’s organs. This caused all sorts of trouble for my father over the next few days and my father ended up in the hospital. The bills were piling up.

Days later, I called the doctor to ask him some questions. I felt that she should have some part in helping to pay for dad’s bills since he was the cause of the trouble. On the phone, he suddenly told me that he did not cause the problem. I got a lawyer involved when I realized that the doctor was trying to pull a fast one on us. After he learne that my father was in the hospital, he was suddenly trying to change his sotry about what happened and that was not okay.

The lawyer got other sorts of experts involved, and we got expert testimony as to how the medical error had to have happened with my father, and they each pointed out that the only person who could have caused the damage that my dad had was the doctor. Thanks for the legal help, we were able to sue for the cost of all my father’s medical bills.