A Complete Office Refurb That Looks Great

I started off with just one employee when I began my business. That quickly grew into three, and now I have 13 people working for me. I recently realized that I am going to have to expand again. This time, I need more than just more employees though. I knew that I was going to need a bigger office, so I started looking rather quickly for that first. I wanted to have that in place before I hired more people. I found a great spot, and I knew that I could hire a company to do office refurb in Bath.

Just looking at the office on its own, it was rubbish. There were stains on the walls, the carpeting looked older than me, and it was so dark in there, even with the lights turned on. Thankfully, I don’t judge books by their covers, and I saw the potential that this place could have. I had already found the office refurb company I wanted to use, and I had a rep come look at the space before I purchased it.When I explained all the things I needed changed, I was confident that I had picked the right company to handle these changes just by the reaction of the rep who was with me.

I could sense an excitement, much like that of an artist staring at a blank canvas. This person could see the potential too, and he saw even more than I did because he gave me some suggestions that I know I would not have thought of otherwise. I purchased the building, and the refurb began almost immediately. They had a huge task in front of them, but they handled it like pros. They were even done before schedule, which I appreciated because that meant I was able to hire on the people I needed that much faster.