Big Bets for Bitcoin Trades

My friends and I usually bet on sports games. We get together each Sunday to watch the football games, and normally we would bet with money, but we’ve switched to making bitcoin bets. We’ve all been trading on Bitcoin Trader and have done well. Whenever one of us wins a bet, we transfer bitcoin from the loser’s wallet to the winner’s wallet. Our local sports teams have been doing poorly for the last few years, and everyone always thinks that they’re going to lose. The last game the football team had, my friends and I all bet on it, except I bet that the team would win the game.

All of my friends thought I was crazy for betting that the team would win. I have to admit that the odds were not in my favor. There was no indication that the football team would start playing well enough to win at least one game, but I had a feeling in my gut that they would pull of a victory. As the game began, the opposing team scored a touchdown in the first 2 minutes, making me already regret my decision. Continue reading Big Bets for Bitcoin Trades

You Can Make Money As Well

I never knew that it would be possible to be one of those people who had people paying them for their idea. I heard someone tell me that they made an app for people to be able to control their dog and eating times and I thought that was silly but then they told me how much money they made. I could not believe that they could actually quit their full time job so that they could go and passively make money. I had to find a company that did mobile application development in Singapore since that is the place where I live. Continue reading You Can Make Money As Well

Storage Units for Keswick Make Life Easier for Us

Holiday decorations, extra clothes, furniture you don’t want to get rid of and those little odds and ends that have sentimental value that never get thrown out are great items to put in a storage unit. You know you can’t part with the stuff, so why let it clutter up the house? I’m the same way. I have stuff I have not used for years, but I have zero intention of getting rid of it. We got one of the storage units for Keswick for our stuff. Some of the stuff is actually collectibles that may, or may not, increase in value as time goes by. I still have sports stuff from my university days, and I just can’t get rid of it. My wife has her wedding gown in storage along with some old books her grandmother gave her. Things we don’t want taking up space in our house, but things we will never throw out. Continue reading Storage Units for Keswick Make Life Easier for Us

The Fire Turned into a Blessing

If anyone had told me I would be moving even a few months ago, I would have told them absolutely not. I was not considering that something could happen to the house I was living in though, forcing me into moving even when I did not want to. I was renting a house for nearly a dozen years, and it was home to me. However, a fire changed all that. Thankfully, everyone was away, and we had no pets, so there was no loss of life. That is how I found out about the Park at Boulder Creek apartments, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise to me.

I was really anxious about finding a new place, especially a house since rentals are usually a lot more than I can afford in this area. That is one of the reasons why I started looking at apartments. I had never lived in one before, but there was a certain appeal about it after I learned all of the perks of living in one. Continue reading The Fire Turned into a Blessing

Getting a Better Seat Cushion for My Truck

I drive different trucks pretty much every day. The seats vary greatly in how comfortable they are. And when you are sitting for hours at a time, it can get really uncomfortable. Plus, I drive in an environment where it gets cold in the winter. The heaters in the trucks work good for the most part. However, I looked for the best truck seat cushions that had heat built in. Instead of just raising the air temperature in the cab to very warm, I like the feel of the heat soaking into my back. My oh my that feels good on my old back as I drive when it is cold outside.

In the summer I like air circulation. Continue reading Getting a Better Seat Cushion for My Truck

No Nonsense Cleaning Service for Busy People

Finding online when I looked for an effective cleaning service sure ended up working out well for my family. I’m an extremely busy person and usually didn’t have the time to spend hours picking up around our home. When my husband recently underwent emergency surgery on his heart, it meant I would have even less time to make sure things looked tidy. His surgery meant someone had to take care of him around the clock and I wasn’t going to have the time for mundane cleaning chores what with my online business and taking care of him. I needed a cleaning service.

I went online and chose Kleepers because they looked like a serious business. They had descriptions of what they do exactly and even broke down the job for each room in the home. I really appreciated that because it allowed me to figure out exactly what I wanted done and how long I could expect the job to take. I was able to book an appointment online and provide all the information they would need to get the job done. They showed up right on time and got straight to work. My husband and I watched them work.

We both marveled at how quickly they got everything done. My husband said it was like watching a cleaning tornado move through our home and I had to agree! Very dedicated and serious about their jobs. They did everything exactly as I specified and by the time they left our home positively sparkled. My husband and I both decided we would have them return on a weekly basis to clean things up so we would no longer have to worry about picking up around the house. I couldn’t be happier with their service and I’ve already recommended them to a few friends.

School Was Different in My Day

Our daughter has been coming home and telling us at dinner how hard school is getting for her. She stays up late and gets up early to study and do all the other things she has as responsibilities. I think kids have too much put on them at a young age, but there is an extreme amount of social pressure to perform exceptionally on an academic level. In order to ease some of her study burden, we looked into jc physics tuition to help get her to where she needs to be to excel in her studies.

You cannot just leave it to chance. Sure, you have your textbooks and lecture notes, but your exams really need you to have a good grasp of the subject matter. When I was in school, an average grade was not great, but it was acceptable. Now the kids are not happy with above average. They want to be at 100 percent or as close to it as possible. Continue reading School Was Different in My Day

Where the Girls Go to Gossip

My friends and I are usually too busy during the week to talk and hang out with each other. Between having to work and spend time with our kids, life just doesn’t leave a lot of time for friends. It’s a good thing that we can get together on the weekends and talk. We like to get a manicure and pedicure from a local spa. It’s the perfect place for us to relax and gossip about the things that have happened during the week. While this is happening, our husbands are watching the kids.

Last weekend, one member of our group was telling a really good story about this man that she met when she went to pick her son up from school. She’s a single parent because she divorced her husband years ago. This man had a deep voice and was quite tall. She literally bumped into the man by accident, and he apologized for it. At that point, our friend as enthralled with the man and started up a conversation with him. Continue reading Where the Girls Go to Gossip

A Complete Office Refurb That Looks Great

I started off with just one employee when I began my business. That quickly grew into three, and now I have 13 people working for me. I recently realized that I am going to have to expand again. This time, I need more than just more employees though. I knew that I was going to need a bigger office, so I started looking rather quickly for that first. I wanted to have that in place before I hired more people. I found a great spot, and I knew that I could hire a company to do office refurb in Bath.

Just looking at the office on its own, it was rubbish. There were stains on the walls, the carpeting looked older than me, and it was so dark in there, even with the lights turned on. Continue reading A Complete Office Refurb That Looks Great

Great Job Getting My New Home Ready

Moving practically around the world for a job can be very scary. Well at least it was for me. I love that my job allows me to travel, so I usually do short term rentals for my housing, but this time I was going to be moving and staying in the same location for five years. That is what my contract was for, so I decided on a house rental instead of a condo. I found a great rental but needed a cleaning service to get it ready. I did an internet search for pre moving in cleaning for Singapore.The house I found was a large two bedroom home close enough to the office that I would easily be able to spend long hours, if necessary, at the office. Also close enough to the office that if I need to go in on the weekends I don’t have to fight traffic. One of the worst things about some cities is the traffic and not having to deal with that was a blessing.

But I wanted to find a company to make sure my new home was clean and ready for all of my furniture that I was going to have shipped over. Living in the US you just think that property is going to be ready for you. I didn’t want to make a huge mistake.Thanks to your wonderful company I was able to have you clean the house perfectly. You even sent me pictures of the house, which I thought was so helpful. You pictures made excited to finish the move and get my personal belongings to the house.I have decided that once I get my things in my house I will contact you again to setup a weekly cleaning of the house, I feel I will be too busy to clean.

I Am Working a Strange Job

I am not exactly a chauffeur, but I am driving this rich lady around. She is not my boss, but apparently she is somehow more important than him. I picked her up from the airport last week and I quickly realized that she was there to snoop around. She asked me a bunch of questions and when we went to see the boss he looked as though he were about to sweat bullets. When they got done he did not look any better, but she seemed really happy with herself. We went to a manicure service in Singapore after the meeting, I had spent the entire time trying to figure out how to make the best choice. Continue reading I Am Working a Strange Job

Best Fishing Jacket I’ve Ever Owned

I searched out a top water jacket because I needed a new jacket for when I go fishing in the fall. My old one, which I wore for many years and through many amazing catches including one record breaking one, was really starting to show some wear and tear and it wasn’t keeping me as warm as it used to do. Also, I noticed I’d come in from a catch and I’d be wet. That never happened before, but since it has worn so badly it is now letting in water. So obviously it was time to get a new one.

I spent an enormous amount of time searching out my options. Continue reading Best Fishing Jacket I’ve Ever Owned

I Am Not a Fan of Insects Taking over My Yard

I have been so pleased with the wildlife that comes through my yard in my new house. Having lived in a city full of concrete sidewalks and many cars on the road, I was not used to seeing wonderful, living things walk and hop through my yard in the new home. My happiness was short lived when bees took over after awhile, though. However, a fast call to ask for help to get bee removal for Chandler homes done in my yard put everything back into balance again. There is no way that I could handle something like that on my own! My yard is relaxing and peaceful once again.

The first animals I saw in my yard were rabbits. Continue reading I Am Not a Fan of Insects Taking over My Yard

My Mom Helped Pick out My Apartment

I looked at the website of Overlook at Crosstown Walk just to pacify my mother. I did not think that I needed her help in finding an apartment, but that was not the case after all. The ones that I had been looking at all fell apart for one reason or another. I guess moms really do know best though because she told me that this complex has anything and everything I could possibly want. So, that is why I went to the website. I basically thought I would be able to look at it and then tell her that it was not what I wanted.

However, once I started looking at the website, I realized that she was right. This was everything that I wanted. Continue reading My Mom Helped Pick out My Apartment

My Rug is a Conversation Piece

I am not the type of person to just run down to the store and buy a rug off the shelf. I don’t care if they are cheaper than designer rugs because I would rather have quality over a great price. I knew that the rug that I got for my living room would be with me for years, so the decision on which one to get deserved some careful research. It was not until I went to my cousin’s new home and saw the rug in her dining room that I knew I wanted to get mine from the same company.

She told me that she had it custom made because she was not able to find one that fit in with the personality of her dining room. That got an eye roll from her daughter, but I understood completely where she was coming from. I was having much the same issue with my own rug search, but I knew that it was coming to an end after that visit. I went home and logged onto the website that she told me about. Continue reading My Rug is a Conversation Piece

A Fun Website for Gamers

When my daughter told me that she wanted an Overwatch sweater for her birthday, I knew I was going to have to go online as the local stores don’t carry anything like that without special ordering. I would rather go online and order it myself at a great price rather than pay an inflated price for a special order. I was able to find the Overwatch sweater that she wanted on a really fun retail website, and I knew that she would be getting a lot more than just the sweater.

When I saw the swimsuit they have as well as the baseball jacket, I knew that she was going to get both of them too. Continue reading A Fun Website for Gamers

I Bought a New Piece of Equipment That is Very Helpful

I couldn’t get myself to stay physically active for many years. Something clicked in my mind recently when I realized that I am not very healthy. I soon found myself looking at a ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmil l to purchase, and I went ahead and bought one. Now, I look forward to working out each day. I think that depression may have had something to do with me being inactive so long. Most everything that I did each day was a chore, and now that I feel better mentally, I find that I can do things so much easier.

I never wanted to have that happen to become obese, but I did. After it happened, I would find myself catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and wonder who that very large person was looking back at me. Because of that, I tried not to look at myself if I didn’t have to. Continue reading I Bought a New Piece of Equipment That is Very Helpful

The Cream I Purchased is Helping to Turn Back Time

For many years, I have read countless beauty articles that have pointed out that staying out of the sun would keep me as wrinkle and spot free as possible. I believed it for a long time, but I have learned that it’s not very true for me at all. I now use Esoterica Fade Cream to help take care of some of the blotches and spots on my face, arms and hands. I have been able to trust the results it has given me much more than any of the beauty articles that told me that a lack of sunlight would keep me looking great for many years to come.

Most people do spend time in the sun. But when you work at home, you soon find that your need to be outside at all becomes very minimal. Because I work many hours during the day, I really only went to the grocery store at night. Continue reading The Cream I Purchased is Helping to Turn Back Time

The Kids Wanted Chore Pay to Be More Like a Real Job

The kids need to do their chores. They said they wanted it to be like a real job with better pay. I accommodated them with a higher pay for each type of chore, and I got each of them a fake pay stub for each week of chores when I paid them. They were grumbling a bit when they saw a 22 percent withholding to mimic what their taxes would be. I told them that it would get deposited to their individual savings accounts. They used to get the chore money at the end of each day. I told them how that regular jobs have set pay periods, and how they should be happy that they are on a weekly pay schedule instead of a biweekly one.

They did not find the humor in the fake pay stub each of them were getting each week for completion of chores. However, each one listed all the chores each one did and what they received in pay for it. They sat me down with their mom to talk about the new arrangement. Mom told them that whatever Dad said about the new chore payment arrangement was going to be it. She was having as much fun as me with teaching them how things really are in the real world. The kids said they liked the increased pay, but now they were losing 22 percent each pay period. Continue reading The Kids Wanted Chore Pay to Be More Like a Real Job

A Party Bus for Our Dinner Trip

I wanted to get more information at because I was interested in renting a bus. There is a dinner outing that a group of us are planning on going to in a few months, and I thought that it would make it that much more fun if we were all to ride together. Before arranging for a party bus, we had planned on ten people taking their vehicles and we would all carpool together. It is nearly 90 minutes away, and we are going to be going to a very crowded city, so it just made sense to see how much it would cost if we could all go together.

I got the idea after I went to my niece’s wedding a few weeks ago. Continue reading A Party Bus for Our Dinner Trip

A Lawyer Helped Us Find the Truth About What Happened to My Father

When I drove my father to a doctor’s appointment, I had no idea that would be the day that would turn out terribly. I have no doubt that my father did not realize something horrible was going to happen either. A Sacramento personal injury lawyer had to help us go after a doctor who lied about what happened that day. My father was only to receive a simple procedure that only took 30 minutes to do at the doctor’s office that day. A few minutes after the procedure started the doctor came out and told me that there had been an issue during the procedure and he accidentally punctured one of my father’s organs. This caused all sorts of trouble for my father over the next few days and my father ended up in the hospital. The bills were piling up.

Days later, I called the doctor to ask him some questions. I felt that she should have some part in helping to pay for dad’s bills since he was the cause of the trouble. Continue reading A Lawyer Helped Us Find the Truth About What Happened to My Father